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    Aaron and Christie Harris of Molino TortilleriaMolino is a traditional heirloom corn tortilleria that was founded in 2019 by Aaron & Christie Harris that is on a mission to showcase & save heirloom corn. Through Molino’s partnerships, they are fighting back against monoculture & helping preserve heirloom maíz & the ancient process of making fresh nixtamal masa. Molino selects only the highest quality heirloom corn; many are landrace varieties & have been hand bred for generations specifically for masa & tortillas; this act helps support small sustainable farming operations in Mexico & locally in the Midwest. Along with their mission to save heirloom corn, Molino also thoughtfully curates high-quality ingredients to create authentic Mexican dishes right in your home kitchen, as well as a beautiful collection of artisan-made housewares that support Indigenous artists & their communities. From tortilla presses to textiles, Molino offers a truly unique shopping experience you can feel good about.

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