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    Buy Giardiniera by Fermentum—a small company that creates some of the most delicious fermented foods to buy anywhere! Made with local, ethically grown ingredients sourced from sustainable, organic farms, this is a company you can be proud to support. Fermented to perfection, this giardiniera is packed with probiotics that are great for digestive health and immune support. Oh, and it tastes absolutely incredible!

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    Hot Fermented Giardiniera from Fermentum
    Hot Fermented Giardiniera

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    Fermentum: The Gift So Tasty It Became a Company

    Like many small, food-based businesses, Fermentum got its start in the family. The company’s founder, Jeff Smith, made the first batch of Fermentum giardiniera using a recipe passed down from his grandparents. He gave his creation to friends as Christmas presents, and then the word started spreading. There were so many people looking to buy giardiniera that starting Fermentum was the next logical step. Now, we can all enjoy the gift so good it turned into a brand!

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