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    Betty Lu of Confetti Snacks Inc

    A portion of proceeds go to alleviate global hunger and environmental causes, with partners such as 1 for a Better Planet, Upcycled Food Association, Business for Good, and the Centre for Responsible Future. Confetti makes delicious upcycled snacks from ugly or imperfect veggies to reduce food waste, and uses colourful plants to feed the hungriest people in the world using a Robin Hood approach. They donate a portion of nutrient dense snacks to end hunger and malnutrition by working with global humanitarian missions to distribute in the poorest regions of the world.

    Confetti has been awarded ‘Best Gourmet Snack of 2021’ by APAC Insiders, 5th Annual Singapore Business Awards, and ‘Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassador’ in 2019 - 2021.

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