Baharat Chickpea Salad

If there is one thing you can count on, it is that we'll be enjoying Rumi Spice and 8 Track Foods' collaborative Baharat Chickpea Salad all summer long! We love the delightful combination of Rumi Spice's essential Baharat Spice Blend, an all-purpose spice also known as the "Middle Eastern multitasker," with 8 Track Foods' sustainably and organically grown Blonde Chickpeas. These phenomenal products are amazing on their own, but even better when paired together. Try adding this fresh side dish to your Memorial Day spread for a true taste of summer that is light, but never lacking in flavor. Pro tip: enjoy this salad on its own, paired with your favorite brand of tortilla chips, or on top of your veggie burger for an extra punch of flavor and texture.

Meet the fab female founders behind this fab salad—8 Track Foods and Rumi Spice! Maggie Seng Sadowsky is a mom and food scientist on a mission to make sustainable food products that can help feed the growing population by reducing food waste, single-use plastic, and food insecurity. Her brand, 8 Track Foods, is focused on its product's lifecycle and believes that by stocking a better pantry, you are stocking a better future. Check out their range of scrumptious and organic beans here.

Patti Doyle created Rumi Spice in an effort to bring flavorful, ethically sourced, and socially responsible spices from Afghanistan to consumers. In addition to creating quality spice blends, they drive sustainable rural economic development in Afghanistan while proving countless jobs to local farmers and women who harvest and process the spices. Browse their lineup of tasty blends here.

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